New generation cryptocurrency

Your unique system of real assets

YUSRA GLOBAL is a cryptocurrency based on Waves Lab's blockchain innovation.

YUSRA Global is about

Own unique developments
Output speed
Fast network capacity
Data protection
High reliability and network security
Convenient platform
Simple and clear platform functionality
Protection of personal data

The advantages of YUSRA cryptocurrency

Transparency of work

You can track the stages of development of YUSRA cryptocurrency on the roadmap on the official website. All internal processes are shared on their own Explorer system. Transactions and balances of user and system wallets are tracked.

High liquidity

We achieve it by over-the-counter cryptocurrency trading. An additional liquidity factor is the implementation of all planned services on YUSRA platform, which are expected to be profitable. The profit will be invested to purchase and burn tokens.

Wallet security

The wallet has a high degree of security due to SSL certificate and high-level DDOS protection, as well as the possibility to use two-factor Google or Email authentication. All data are stored on servers distributed in 3 countries.

Properly developed economic model

Your investments will serve to create a 7 platform ecosystem, as well as boost its further development and monetization to increase liquidity, considering that the token will be in demand on all platforms as an internal currency.

Ongoing technical support

Your difficulties will be resolved in the shortest term by 24/7 technical support.

Instant transactions

It allows over 500 transactions per second. Its scalability is up to 25,000 transactions per second.

You can receive rewards from the system


  • The simplicity of process and cost saving.
  • All processes are executed within the system.
  • It allows investors to receive rewards in tokens without covering the electricity cost and purchasing specialized expensive equipment.

Rewards depend on 3 factors:

• The number of
tokens in the wallet
The more coins are involved in mining, the more rewards you get in the system.
• The time
coefficient in the web wallet
Investors and long-term cooperation are rewarded by the system with the payoff and interest rate increase.
• The position in node
related to the wallet
Joining a node increases the percentage of staking; it depends on the balance of users who joined the node afterwards.

The creation of a node and
popularization of cryptocurrency can bring up to
$5000 reward per month


offer for large investors

personal investment advisor

additional reports and analytics

private chat with large investors


Profit generated by node creation

The unique node system developed for YUSRA speeds up transactions allowing you to increase your rewards.
When you create a node, you start receiving a monthly reward for active participation in the development and popularization of YUSRA cryptocurrency.
When you arrange crypto-wallets with YUSRA coins in a single vertical chain in a node, the transactions are processed according to a much faster protocol than in traditional POS.
As an encouragement, the system pays such crypto-wallets a greater reward than those that are not the node members. Each member can create a node. And the bigger it is, the more rewards its members get.
When you work with your community in nodes, training, developing and advising your team, you receive a monthly reward of $100 to $5000 in YUSRA coins, depending on the volume of a node.

Price Growth Chart with H&G

November December January February March April

Profit on the token value growth

A long-term investment that aims at exchanging after a significant increase in value.

Thanks to the introduction of a special deflation mechanism called HALVING and a balancing mechanism called GROWING, which is designed to compensate for the decrease in daily reward of YUSRA coins, the reward decreases while the price of YUSRA coin increases!

The total number of tokens in a wallet:
8 570 353
Coins left till the next halving:
570 353


offer for large investors

personal investment advisor

additional reports and analytics

private chat with large investors


YUSRA Global Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Yusra Pay

It is the simplest but at the same time useful service. Pay for mobile communications, Internet, TV, or even housing services and utilities in cryptocurrency. YUSRA Pay makes it real, simple, and convenient.

Yusra Wallet

A multifunctional cryptocurrency wallet that allows receiving, storing, or sending YUSRA coins, as well as earning new tokens for active storage.

Yusra Marketplace

It is a platform where goods and services find their customers! Create an ad to sell equipment, cars, real estate, and other goods. Or find a product you need and pay for it in the cryptocurrency.

Yusra P2P Exchange

OTC P2P coin exchange between users, without intermediaries! The service is decentralized, and the platform itself acts as a guarantor in the transaction process.

Dobro 2.0

It is a new generation social network! It is the first project that immediately rewards you with cryptocurrency for the assistance provided to other users. Do good and get YUSRA for it!

YUSRA Global emission distribution

75% 5% 5% 5% 5% 3.8% 1.2%
40000 000 млн 100% Total YUSRA emission

Sales Rounds:

30 000 000 30 000 000



2 000 000 2 000 000

2 000 000 2 000 000

2 000 000 2 000 000

2 000 000 2 000 000





Presale (2019 8)

1st round (2019 09-12)

No sales

No sales

1 500 000 1 500 000


Marketing fund

500 000 500 000


Reserve fund

Roadmap of YUSRA GLOBAL future

Q4 2019

  • Platform launch
  • Marketing campaign №1
  • Android wallet
  • Yusra Pay launch
  • Participation in Blockchain Life 2019

Q1 2020

  • Platform update
  • Creating a series of training videos
  • Yusra Pay optimization
  • Yusra P2P Exchange - beta test
  • Dobro 2.0 - alpha test
  • Participation in Blockchain Economy Summit 2020

Q2 2020

  • Yusra Global website update
  • Security protocol scaling
  • YUSRA Marketplace - beta test
  • Dobro 2.0 - beta test
  • Yusra P2P Exchange - beta test
  • Yusra Wallet update
  • Marketing campaign
  • Yusra Global platform update site and soft
  • Launching the development of 2 new projects in the ecosystem

Q3 2020

  • IOS Yusra Wallet
  • Yusra 12- month performance
  • Dobro 2.0 app launch
  • Yusra P2P Exchange - alpha test
  • Yusra Marketplace - alpha test
  • Marketing campaign to promote Dobro 2.0
  • Yusra sports championship

Q4 2020

  • Yusra Kassa - alpha test
  • Yusra Vote - alpha test
  • P2P Exchange (telegram bot)
  • Marketing campaign
  • Listing on the new top-20 cryptocurrency exchange
  • Posting on
  • Participation in Blockchain Life 2020 forum
  • Launch of Fresh Kavkaz travel portal
  • Educational platform launch

Q1 2021

  • Yusra Kassa - release
  • Android / IOS YUSRA Marketplace
  • Android / iOS Crypto-P2P exchanger
  • Yusra Vote - release
  • Launch of Family social service
  • Launch of NK Trust designated programs
  • 5 new Yusra offices

Q4 2021

  • Yusra Pay - update
  • Yusra Portfolio - alpha test
  • Yusra 2-year making up
  • 50,000 active YUSRA GLOBAL crypto enthusiasts
  • First YUSRA GLOBAL office abroad


  • Start buying coins on the exchange
  • 50,000 active YUSRA GLOBAL crypto enthusiasts
  • New YUSRA GLOBAL branches abroad

Results of YUSRA Global ecosystem data analysis

28 mln $
YUSRA market capitalization
27 mln
of YUSRA coins
0.71 $
YUSRA price
YUSRA GLOBAL community

Yusra Global partners

Yusra Global map of nodes

The Republic of Korea

Yusra nodes have already been created in 11 countries

New Yusra GLOBAL nodes are being constantly created around the world

The Republic of Korea

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