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What is Yusra Global blockchain?

First, let’s take a look at what blockchain is. Imagine an account book that is duplicated on thousands of computers. All copies are fully synchronized, and each record is approved by each computer and remains unchanged forever. Each user can check the validity of any record.


YUSRA GLOBAL cryptocurrency is a token based on Waves platform and uses the Waves blockchain. Considering the description of blockchain technology from the first paragraph, we can say that all YUSRA cryptocurrency transactions are confirmed by all computers with installed Waves nodes, and these are more than 170 nodes located in 23 different countries of the world. They are recorded in Waves blockchain, where they remain unchanged forever.

What are the technical characteristics of blockchain?

Since YUSRA GLOBAL is a token based on Waves platform, it is logical that YUSRA uses Waves blockchain.


Therefore, we mean Waves blockchain when speaking of YUSRA GLOBAL blockchain.


Let’s consider some technical characteristics:

– on average, one block is generated within 30-60 seconds.

– the network capacity is 6.3 million transactions per day or 911 TPS.


In addition to the basic Waves functions, YUSRA has its unique innovation, i.e. a software add-in that rewards its users with tokens for trust.

How to register and open a wallet?

The process of registering and opening a YUSRA wallet will be clear even to a novice crypto enthusiast.


In order to start using YUSRA cryptocurrency, you need to register on the online wallet or install YUSRA Wallet mobile app for Android devices (the app for iOS gadgets is still under development).


The registration process itself is as simple as possible: you need to type in an email address and create a password, and just a few minutes after confirming your email address you will get access to all YUSRA GLOBAL functions.


How to get reward tokens for trust from the system?

YUSRA cryptocurrency offers the opportunity to receive reward tokens for trust from the system. You do not need any special equipment, skills, or knowledge for it. The only condition is being a holder of YUSRA cryptocurrency. As soon as the wallet balance reaches 50 coins or exceeds it, this process starts automatically, and a user receives token rewards for trust from the system. The amount of remuneration depends on several factors, including the wallet balance, the time coefficient of the coins, the structure of a node. Use a special calculator in your wallet to get a more detailed calculation.

In addition, YUSRA cryptocurrency provides the opportunity to create your own node, which is also one of the ways to get rewarded with YUSRA tokens.

How to get YUSRA cryptocurrency?

There are several ways to get YUSRA cryptocurrency:


First, YUSRA GLOBAL is traded on 5 cryptocurrency exchanges:
where it is represented in 3 trading pairs:

Second, YUSRA wallet has a built-in P2P Exchange service, where users can independently buy or sell coins internally.

What is a node and how can it be created?

It is a communication node, or simply speaking, it is a computer connected to a blockchain. A large number of such nodes synchronized with each other via the P2P protocol ensures the functioning of the blockchain according to the principle of decentralization without the main server that controls the processes. Nodes are very important elements of the cryptocurrency infrastructure.


You don’t have to buy special equipment or have special skills or knowledge to create your own node. The whole process is fully automated and accessible directly from the user interface in YUSRA wallet. Just click the “Create node” button on the home page of your personal account. Then, 1000 coins for creating a node will be automatically charged from the wallet’s balance and “frozen”, and the user will have to provide some data: indicate the name of the node and information about its owner. After that, the node will become active and start functioning.

What is YUSRA Pay and how to use it?

YUSRA Pay is an innovation of YUSRA GLOBAL IT specialists. It is a payment system that allows paying for mobile services, TV, and the Internet directly in YUSRA cryptocurrency. It offers users a huge selection of operators and providers working throughout Russia, as well as the CIS countries.


With YUSRA Pay, users can select a provider in the list specified in the personal account in YUSRA wallet to pay for services.


To use the service, you should log in your YUSRA wallet and click the “YUSRA PAY” button in the navigation menu. On YUSRA Pay page, a selection of popular mobile operators, TV, and Internet providers is available. If you do not find the necessary operator, you can click the “All operators” button and use the search to enter its name and proceed to the payment and recharge page.


To use the service, enter the phone number without country code and choose a balance to make the payment. Then, indicate the amount in YUSRA to pay for the replenishment. After that, you need to click the “Pay” button and confirm the transaction.


We introduced a special deflation mechanism called HALVING to control economic processes during the creation of YUSRA GLOBAL cryptocurrency mathematical model.


What is halving? Upon reaching a certain emission rate, namely 1 000 000 (one million) of YUSRA coins, the subsequent emission is decreased by 10%. In simple terms, after every million of YUSRA coins is mined, the reward for trust from the system is reduced by 10% automatically, accordingly decreasing the cryptocurrency emission rate.


At first thought, it may seem that profitability decreases after a halving… but it is not so!


YUSRA developed and implemented a balancing mechanism called GROWING to compensate for the decrease in the rate of coin emission. Thanks to this mechanism, the price for 1 YUSRA coin will increase by 11.1% simultaneously with halving.

What is the difference between Yusra and other cryptocurrencies?

According to information from Coinmarketcap monitoring website, there are more than 5.5 thousand cryptocurrencies registered in the world. Most of these coins are either unsuccessful startups or abandoned IT projects. Signs of “life” and active development can be seen only in a few hundred of the above several thousand.


Yusra Global is Just one of these “live” projects in which active development is carried out.


Yusra is not just another useless fork or token. A distinctive feature of this coin was the concept of creating a full-fledged ecosystem, consisting of numerous IT services and decentralized applications. Many venture companies in the famous Silicon Valley can envy such active development and the pace of launching services and startups. The community of users and investors is growing every day. It is not surprising, because the solutions that Yusra Global offers are used by thousands of people every day in many cities and countries. And this is just the beginning …

How can I protect my wallet?

YUSRA GLOBAL platform has the highest level of protection against fraudsters and hacker attacks thanks to SSL certificate and high-level DDOS protection. Hackers know it, thus, the only way for them to steal coins is to use the careless attitude of users to the protection of their wallets.


We strongly recommend using:


– Complex passwords containing at least 12 characters with the mandatory combination of capital and lower-case letters + numbers + characters.

– Two-factor authorization which is introduced as Google 2FA or E-mail 2FA in YUSRA wallet. Moreover, Google offers an excellent free solution, i.e. Google Authenticator app which you can download from the Play Market or the App Store.


– It is very important to know and keep in mind that technical support staff will NEVER ASK for passwords from your wallets, e-mail, as well as 2FA codes. Therefore, never let anyone know your passwords. If someone contacted you and asked to send a password or a 2FA code, be aware that it is a scam!


Remember that complex passwords and two-factor authentication (preferably Google 2FA) must be used both in Yusra wallet and in your e-mail. Using a complex password along with two-factor authentication will make your account unbreakable!

Where can I find the latest YUSRA Global news?

You can subscribe to our social networks to be aware of the latest news about the project development, or get involved into the life of community members. YUSRA GLOBAL is very active on social networks and has accounts in all popular Internet services:




Facebook (RUS):

Facebook (ENG):




Telegram news channel:

Telegram educational channel:

Telegram ONLINE store:

Telegram chat (RUS):

Telegram chat (ENG):

Does Yusra have its own Github repository (section)? Is Yusra an open-source?

YUSRA is not a “coin”, but a token based on the Waves blockchain. Therefore, there is no need for Yusra to maintain its section on Github. All technical information about the Waves blockchain that YUSRA uses is publicly available, including the one on Github.

If for some reason the YUSRA creators lose access to their developments, will the wallets continue working?

Certainly. YUSRA cryptocurrency is completely autonomous and self-sufficient. Moreover, it has a fairly high level of decentralization. It ensures that the system can function fully independently on the Waves blockchain and is not subject to external regulation.

How can I make sure that YUSRA is not a financial pyramid?

Professional economists have long given clear definitions of what a financial pyramid is and what features it has. Thus, the main features of a pyramid scheme are as follows:


1. Lack of a roadmap with clearly formulated milestones, dates, and stages of development.


2. Extraordinary plans, which are extremely difficult or technically impossible to implement in reality.


3. Lots of promises and no finished product.


4. A project is based on services that no one uses.


5. Offshore legislation (Singapore, Seychelles, Cyprus, Panama Islands).


6. Promises of super-profits and mind-blowing dividends.


7. Introduction of a referral system and bonuses for attracting new users.


After conducting a comparative analysis, you can conclude that the YUSRA cryptocurrency does not have any of the listed features of financial pyramids or bubbles, but is a typical project of the modern IT sector.

How can I join a node?

Users can independently join any existing node. Joining a node provides several advantages, including the increased percentage of reward tokens you get for trust from the system. You can make a more detailed estimation using the calculator available in the wallet.


To join a node, just click the “Join node” button on the home page of your account.


Attention! You need to pay $50 to join a node. Coins equivalent to this amount are “frozen” in the system, but they continue participating in the reward program for trust.

Have you conducted an IEO or ICO?

Yusra cryptocurrency has never had an IEO or ICO.

How can I track the current team’s milestone?

Our website introduces the Yusra cryptocurrency roadmap, which accurately indicates all stages of Yusra development for several years ahead. It should be noted that since the launch of the Yusra project, the developers have never violated the deadlines for the development of any of its parts.

Do you have your block explorer?

The Yusra token operates on the Waves blockchain. Thus, to control transactions and monitor Yusra wallets, users can use the Waves blockchain explorer at the link.


To do this, enter the address of the Yusra cryptocurrency wallet you are interested in in the “Search address” field and click “Enter”. In the “Transactions” section, you can see all incoming and outgoing transactions from the address you indicated (green arrows indicate incoming transactions, and red arrows indicate outgoing transactions from the wallet).


In the future, we plan to launch our own Yusra block explorer.

What is the cost of Yusra transactions?

The commission for a transaction in the Yusra network is 0.05 YUSRA, regardless of the transaction amount.

What should I do if there is no confirmation from the wallet on my e-mail?

Check your spam folder. E-mails generated by the system are often perceived as spam by the postal service and placed in a special folder.

What should I do if I deleted the Google 2FA app without saving a screenshot with a QR code or a recovery code during registration?

You need to contact the technical support service for users following the link. The service works 24/7. In this particular case, you need to be able to confirm your identity. The leader of the node can do it if he/she knows you personally, or you need to go through a user verification procedure providing a scanned copy of a passport and a photo with a passport in hands.

What is the time coefficient?

A time coefficient is a period when coins are continuously stored in the wallet. Any outgoing transaction made from the primary wallet will reset your time coefficient to zero.

How can I find out how much time is left before halving and growing?

This information is publicly available at This section indicates the remaining amount of coins before halving.


You can also get this information in the block explorer at the following link:


It is difficult to calculate the exact date since the number of coins mined per day is dynamically changing. For approximate estimates, you can use the number of about 30-35 thousand coins per day.

The number of days in the wallet has changed to the next level (for example, 30 days), but the mining coefficient has not changed. Why is it so?

The system is automatically updated within 24 hours. If the next day the percentage does not change, then contact technical support at It works 24/7.

If I make a transfer from a mining wallet, will it affect the time coefficient?

When transferring coins from a mining wallet, the time coefficient does not change.

Is there a mobile app?

There is currently an app for Android-based devices. You can download it from Google Play at the following link:


An app for iOS devices is under development and will be available within several months.

What is YUSRA P2P Exchange?

YUSRA P2P Exchange is an online bulletin board with a transaction protection system.


Users have the opportunity to independently buy or sell the Yusra token, as well as options for choosing a payment system or a bank, the rate and terms of a transaction. YUSRA P2P Exchange is a safe and convenient way that allows buyers and sellers to conduct transactions with the YUSRA cryptocurrency with ads free of charge!


P2P service is integrated with the Yusra wallet and does not require additional registration.

How can I contact technical support?

To ensure the utmost level of security, YUSRA GLOBAL users can contact the technical support service using a specially developed Support-Bot


Attention! You need to provide the YusraSupportBot with your phone number before using it. Please send your phone number by clicking on the SHARE button in the menu. Continue further communication with the bot by following the interactive tips in the Support-Bot menu.


The technical support service works 24/7.


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