New generation cryptocurrency


YUSRA GLOBAL cryptocurrency ecosystem is a socially advanced
decentralized platform consisting of multifunctional modules.

YUSRA Wallet

A multifunctional cryptocurrency wallet that allows receiving, storing, or sending YUSRA coins, as well as earning new tokens for active storage.

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YUSRA P2P Exchange

OTC P2P coin exchange between users, without intermediaries! The service is decentralized, and the platform itself acts as a guarantor in the transaction process.

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It is the simplest but at the same time useful service. Pay for mobile communications, Internet, TV, or even housing services and utilities in cryptocurrency. YUSRA Pay makes it real, simple, and convenient.

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YUSRA Marketplace

It is the platform where goods and services find their customers! Create an application to sell equipment, cars, real estate, and other goods. Or find the product you need and pay for it in cryptocurrency.

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Dobro 2.0

It is a new generation social network! It is the first project that immediately rewards you with cryptocurrency for the assistance provided to other users. Do good and get YUSRA for it!

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